The Game

"Next Exit Chemical Safety" is an educational game that transforms important facts about hazardous chemicals and wastes and our living environment into a playful learning adventure. The hazardous chemicals and wastes covered by this interactive game are under the scope of the Basel, Rotterdam, and Stockholm conventions.

The concept is based on the idea of escape games, where a small group must solve a complex task within a given time frame. Along with the game, educational materials are being developed that provide teachers with a wealth of background information and ideas for further projects.

The game comes in a box that contains all the necessary materials. It has been produced in an edition of 500 copies in English and Spanish. In addition, a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) version is also available to help teachers create the game themselves with minimal effort.
Languages other than English & Spanish


Raise awareness and enhance the understanding on the potential impacts of hazardous chemicals and wastes
Support informed decision making by individuals,in particular children and their parents, and ultimately policy makers across the world
Increase the visibility of the BRS Conventions
Having fun!


Hazardous chemicals in everyday products, in the agriculture sector, as well as in waste and plastic
Effects of hazardous chemicals on humans and the environment
Integrate vulnerable groups and global perspectives (e.g. children, women, people from countries of the Global South)
Alternatives to hazardous chemicals

In Short

Target Group:

14 years and older

Number of players:

minimum 10, maximum 30

Type of game :

Game box (escape game)


Game box, detailed manual, game guide,
reset guide, pedagogical material


Worldwide use as educational tool
Playable in different cultural contexts
Can be used in schools or other educational settings


Distribution to Ministries, educational institutions, NGOs


Print run of 500 boxes
DIY version for local/national production

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